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There are no GIRLS Track and Field (8TH) games from 20 Mon, August 2018.

GIRLS Track and Field | 8th

2018 Track Meet Schedule:


April 25th at Los Gatos High School


May 3rd at Branham High School


May 9th at Westmont High School


May 15th and 17th- League Finals at Branham High School (Must Qualify)


May 21st- County Meet (Must Qualify)



WVAL Track and Field Events:


Running Events:

Mile- 4 laps around track

800m- 2 laps around track

65m Hurdles- sprint with 6 hurdle jumps

100m- sprint

4 x 100m Relay- (Must run a Top 4 qualifying time at practice to make team)

4 x 400m Relay- (Must run a Top 4 qualifying time at practice to make team)


Field Events:

Long Jump- jump as far as you can off 1 foot and land with 2 feet in the pit

Triple Jump- Right, Right, Left or Left, Left, Right jump into the pit

High Jump- Jump as high as you can off one foot over a bar at a set height w/o knocking the bar off

Shot Put- Push-Throw a 6 pound ball (8 pounds for 8th grade boys) asfar as you can

Discus- Throw a 1 kg discus as far as you can


Team Rosters

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