Lions Update

Event Details

  • April 11th, 2019

  • 3:30 PM

  • Tennis

  • Varsity

  • Boy

  • Game

  • Away

  • Desert Mirage

  • Desert Mirage

  • 2:00 PM

  • 1:45 PM

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Game Summary


9 (58 games total)



9 (70 games total)

Nine to Nine Tie?

Yes tennis fans, it was our closest and most exciting match of the season and it came in the final match of the season.  After the first round the score was 2-4  with Luis Rodriquez winning one singles and Hamed Hernandez with Roger Lopez winning a doubles match.  After the second round, the score was 4-8 with those same players winning again.  At this point, Desert Mirage needed only 2 more points to win outright and only 1 more point to tie it up. Tthe Lions needed to win all 6 matches in the third round to win outright or to win 5 of 6 remainging matches to have a shot of winning in a 9 to 9 tie.   What are the odds of that?  The first match to finish was a loss in doubles.  Then Hernandez and Lopez won another.  Score now was  5 to 9.  Rodriquez won his third match and Efraen Martinez with Louie Carrera played an incredible match against their number one Doubles team, 6-2 set score.  Carrera had been subbed in for the third round and played his best match of the season.  Score is now 7 to 9.  The remaining singles players, Andrew Nguyen and Edgar Leyva hit their stride and both won at 6-2.  Now the score was tied up at 9-9.  What comeback, don't you think?  But alas, total games were added up and when the dust cleared, the Desert Mirage Coach breated a sigh of relief because they had won 70 to 58 games.  Coach Brickell said he was proud of team for not giving up and playing their best.  The Lions will hold their school championship tournament Friday, April 12,  after the school rally.