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2019-2020 Registration Deadlines and Season Dates

Registration Deadlines and Season Dates

*Registration deadline is at 3pm on the following dates....



Registration Deadline @ 3:00P


Season Dates

Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country

Aug 30

J Carino and J Larson

Sep. 3- Oct. 15

Girls’ Soccer (JV and V)

Aug 23

JV: T Hall 

Varsity: Kerry Smith

Aug. 26 (tryouts)- Oct. 9

Boys’ Volleyball (JV and V)

Aug 23

JV: C Burke

Varsity: G Nesbit 

Aug. 26 (tryouts)-Oct 9.

Boys’ and Girls’ Wrestling

Oct 4

Dan Righi

Sept 30- Dec 13

Girls’ Basketball

Oct 11

6th- E Livingston

7th- M Motch

8th- K Williams

Oct 14 (tryouts)- Dec 11

Boys’ Basketball

Dec 13

6th- Unfilled

7th- Caleb Sayre

8th- E Livingston

Dec 16 (tryouts)- Feb 12

Girls’ Volleyball (JV and V)

Feb 7

JV- Unfilled

V- Unfilled

Feb 10 (tryouts)- Apr 1

Boys’ Soccer (JV and V)

Feb 7

JV- Kerry Smith

V- Erich Rabago

Feb 10 (tryouts)- Apr 1

Boys’ and Girls’ Track & Field

Apr 3


April 13- Mid-May