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First Cross Country Meet Information

Hello Students and Parents,


On Wednesday 9/11 we have our first meet of the Cross Country season. Coach Little Barbara, Coach Seeger and myself are super excited for the season to get started. Below are some answers to questions to help alleviate any stress or nervousness.


Where is the meet located?


 The meet is located at Easterbrook Discovery School (EDS). The school is located at    4835 Doyle Rd, San Jose, CA 95129.  Start time is 4pm.


What is the race order?


The race order for the meet is 8thGrade first, 7thgrade second and 6thgrade last. Race orders change at each meet. 


What does the race order mean?


    At 4pm the race will start with the 8thgrade Boys. Approximately 3 minutes after they start the 8thgrade girls will start. All 8th graders will finish before the next races start. 8thgraders should be at EDS no later than 3:30pm to warm up.


After all the 8thgraders finish the 7thgrade Boys will start (Approx.- 4:25pm). 3 minutes after they start the 7thgrade Girls will start. All 7thgraders will finish before the next races start. 7thgraders should be at EDS no later than 4pm to warm up.


After all the 7thgraders finish the 6thgrade Boys will start (Approx.- 4:50pm). 3 minutes after they start the 6thGrade Girls will start. Once all 6thgraders finish the meet is over. 6thgraders should be at EDS no later than 4:15pm to watch the 7thgraders and warm up. Watching the race helps with some of the stress of knowing what will happen during their race.


What do I wear to the meet?


Students will be given a race singlet tomorrow 9/10 at practice. They can also wear their PE shirt if they are more comfortable. Runners can wear any shorts they are comfortable in and should be in running shoes.



What do I do when I get to the meet?


When you arrive at the meet you should head to the tent with the “U” on it. It will be located inside the track area on the grass. Find Little Barbara who will be passing out race tags. Race tags are recycled so they will not have your name on them. They will most likely have someone else’s name. IT”S OK! Your name is associated with the barcode on the tag. Runners will pin the tag on the lower right side of their uniform. As they finish the race a volunteer will take the tag off their uniform. Turn the pin back in to Little Barbara.


How do I find out my race time?


I will send out a live link to results the day of the race if they have them on Remind. Once I get all the results (usually the next day) I will send them out on Remind.


What if I signed up after last Friday?


If you signed up after last Friday your name will not be on the race roster. We will give you a tag with a made up name. That is who you look for on the race results. Your name will be added to the results before the next meet.


When can I leave?


Racers can leave once they finish their race. They should go to the tent with the “U” and check out.



Wednesday is going to be pretty warm so remember to bring some water. We look forward to Wednesday’s meet. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to either email me at barbaram@unionsd.orgor send a text through Remind.


See you all Wednesday!!


Big Barbara