About Us

Mark Edgemon

Certified Master Athletic Director
medgemon@uplandchristianacademy.org This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At Upland Christian Academy, we incorporate strong Christian values into each and every one of our athletic programs. We recognize the importance of providing our students and families with the most positive experience during their time at UC Academy. We count on the participation of not only our students, but of our coaches, staff, and parents for their positive support and spirit during our games. We work hard to provide every opportunity available for our students to achieve success and guidance as they strive to further their athletic abilities even after they leave UC Academy. It is especially important that our student athletes keep Jesus Christ at the center of their activities and that they play for His glory, rather than for the glory of men. This is why our student athletes participate in devotions at least once a week and are encouraged to reflect in prayer every day. We remind our student athletes that all of our actions, on and off the field or court, are a reflection of Jesus Himself. We encourage them to keep His attitude in mind with every athletic performance.